Litter Your Way To Wealth

"Litter Your Way To Wealth"
copyright 2000 by Al Pooser

Dear Internet Marketer;

Announcing one of the lowest cost or no cost marketing
methods available. It is a method we like to call littering
your way to wealth.

This system flat out works! I once made a commission of
over $300.00 for simply leaving a business card size ad
in an elevator.

Picture this. You are at a place of business, sitting on
the throne (toilet) taking care of business, (captive
audience) as your eyes gaze at the door in front of you
(yeah, like what else is there to do.)

You fasten your eyes on a brightly colored piece of paper
attached to the back of the door with the following
words: (Picture of dollar signs or money graphic generated
on your computer) Dirty Little Secrets Earn Your Church
Group $75.00 each hour as you clean up in your
own Windshield Washing Business. Free instant info by
sending a blank email to: your
information will be on its way immediately.

You have just experienced Litter Your Way To Wealth.
You simply leave low and no cost promotional material on
whatever you promote, wherever you go. (More later on
places to litter.)


Business Card Size. Typeset on your computer an ad similar
to the above ad. Copy and paste it several times on your
favorite word processor (I use Microsoft Word). You
can get 16 business card size ads on an 8 12 X 11 sheet
of paper. I recommend using goldenrod or some other
brightly colored paper, as this is easier for people to

Padded Material:

This is sheets of paper with a cardboard backing. You can
use business card size, postcard size and even full page on
the cardboard or as commercial printers call it, chipboard.
Your printer can do this for you. Have him/her place 25 or
50 of your ads on the chipboard and pad it using padding
glue. It isn't expensive. If you have an Office Depot or
Max near you, they can do this also.

Post It Notes:

Rubber stamp your ad to it and stick them everywhere.
Cereal boxes at the store, or in magazines that pertain to
your specialty.

Money Note:

Take a Million Dollar Bill and place your ad on the back
and fold it in half, then place it under items where only a
corner is showing. People will scurry to get your ad.
Bring the Million Dollar Bill to a printer and have them
duplicate it in green ink on front with your ad on the
back. If you have trouble locating a million-dollar bill,
email me at and I'll get info out to

Full Page Flyers with tear away tab:

With your phone number, web or email address or
email autoresponder attached. The main page has your
ad and any graphics you wish and the lower portion has
tear away tabs attached so someone can tear off your
contact info and call or respond later for your information.
Always tear one tab away before placing on bulletin board,
because no one wants to be first to tear away that
first tab. Remove all hesitation for your new customer.
(this gives your approximately 12 ads for the
price of 1)

Flyers with Attention Grabbing Headlines: WARNING!
ALERT! IMPORTANT NOTICE! Important Information Concerning
Your Future! Make it BIG & BOLD. After the headline enter
your ad info and tear away tabs or just use the whole page.


Notice: It is illegal, so I am told, to place your litter
at VA Hospitals or Other Federal Buildings. (I found out
the hard way. I got a nasty gram on my voicemail). So if
you place litter here, please do at your own risk.

One of the best places I have found is the back of bathroom
doors. (they aren't going anywhere fast, so you might
as well capitalize on this unfortunate situation.) Tape one
of your 25 padded ads with double stick tape and tape it
to the back of the door (be careful of painted surfaces as
paint will peel,) where it will be seen. The neat thing
about placing it here is when the cleaning man/lady
cleans the can, he/she won't see the ad, thus making it
less likely that he/she will throw it away. Your ad will
be seen by many people this way.

If you go to a bus terminal or rest area along the
Interstate you will be able to place many ads and is also
a good way to have your program spread to people not from
your area.Other good areas are auto repair places and
doctors offices. Or any place where people have to wait,
because they have a better chance of reading their ad as
they wait for whatever it is they are waiting for. Place
the ads on the table. Ask permission if you wish or just
place them if you don't want to ask. If not asking there
is a better chance it will be thrown away.

For a better response, place your ad in a targeted
place. For instance, say you are marketing a business
opportunity, place a post-it-note on the inside of
a business opportunity magazine or inside the Wall Street
Journal or open a paper machine when you purchase a paper
and place one of your ads in each newspaper. If you market
a weight loss product you may want to leave your ad in
the candy section or in the ice cream freezer at your
favorite supermarket. This makes sense. People often
think of dieting when they are gorging on sweet stuff.
Place your ads in elevators, in the dollar bill slot in
coke machines, attached to the handle of the gas pump. The
possibilities are endless. Just use your imagination.

Monthly Bill Inserts:

Every month when you get a bill they have placed
advertising inserts. They do it to you so you may as well
play their game. When you send in your check to pay your
bill, simply send along your ad. You are paying the
postage anyway, so you may as well take advantage of it.

In your ad you will want to leave contact information. Use
an autoresponder. An autoresponder is just like a fax
on demand. You enter an email address and instantly
your prospect will have your sales information in his/her
email box ready to be read and send you tons of cash.

If you were going to use a phone number, I would recommend
a voice mail through your Phone Company or local company
that you can find in the yellow pages. Record the
following message on your voicemail. "Thank you
for calling. This exciting information will be rushed to
you by first class mail. Just leave your name, address,
phone number and the extension on the ad, if any, and we
will rush your information to you. Thank you.

I hope you really enjoyed this article and find it
useful. It is a very low cost way to get the word out
about your program. Good luck as you litter your way to

Al Pooser

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