Proven Interactive CD's 
Step-By-Step On How To Earn Thousands Of Dollars 
Per Month Selling Products Online
Have you ordered other business opportunities and found that most of them were just hype.  You received their package which probably just contained a lot of basic information with no real specific action to take you by the hand to start up a real business. 

If you are looking for a real way to make money online by selling a good product or service, then my web cash system is for you.   I am not going to promise you will make $10,000 by next week, but if you follow my step-by-step interactive CD's you will be selling hot products and begin making profits quickly. 

I will show you how to make profits!
Without having to spend a lot of money...
without having to use all your free time...
Without needing your own product...
Without risk!

Do You Want to Make Money Online?
I am betting that the majority of you do not make much money (if any) on the net.  I know that about 95% of all people selling on the net do not make money.  I have been on the internet for 5 years and went through many products and did a lot of trial and error with many marketing efforts

This is where my expertise comes in.   You won't have any guesswork as I will show you exactly which products to sell, how to quickly and easily setup a two or three page web site, and how to get traffic to start making money!

First let me tell you about myself and what my WEB CASH system contains. My name is Jeffrey Kinseth and I have spent 5 years, thousands of dollars and thousands of hours, researching, purchasing, and testing many systems, products, tools, and techniques on the web.  The first year was not profitable at all as I spent a lot of money but not much to show for it. 

However, after all the trial and errors, I now have perfected a system that I use every day to make huge profits on the web.  I found that with a good product I can invest $25 and get a return of  between $150 - $225.   Currently, I make a passive monthly income that pays ALL my bills. Thousands of dollars are deposited into my account each week automatically. Plus, I get another couple checks a week from various referral programs.  What it boils down to is getting the right product, the right sales pitch, and promoting it effectively so you make a huge return!

The Web Cash System is a set of two interactive CD's that teaches you step-by-step how to make money online using the same proven methods I use each and every day.
o many sites  are out there telling you they have the �secrets� to internet marketing and how you can make lots of money online.  There is no "get rich quick" formula to sit back and do nothing, as it takes some effort each day. Not only that but most of those information sources probably aren't going to give you a clue on what specific products or services you should sell.
Some people assume that you can buy a web site from some company, fill out a short form, use an automated search engine submission program and the money comes rolling in.   That isn't going to happen.  However, on the flip side you don't need to spend thousands of dollars to promote your online business to make profits either. 

This is where my WEB CASH system comes in.   No matter what your experience level on the internet is, my interactive CD's will get you setup on the internet quickly.  You won't have any guesswork on deciding which products to sell,  how to set up your turnkey web site, and how to promote. 

And if you're tired of just buying all the books, manuals, tapes, and then being overwhelmed and more confused then ever,  then listen up.

Your search for a part-time or full-time income is over!
So if you are looking for an exact method to earn part time or full time money $2,000+
(or more) a month, working at home on the net, the Web Cash System is your answer!

I've perfected an easy method for setting up your own mini website and 
sell hot products to generate your profits!

These are my easy steps that will launch your internet business to begin making money!
Choose a product from my website master cd to resell immediately. (no need to buy products)
Choose a domain name for your web site (choose from our list or pick your own).
Set up your product and ready to take order page with our interactive web site builder.
Set up your promotional campaign with my Traffic Master CD and start getting sales!

Plus you will learn: .

�  How to select the right product and test it without spending much money. 

�  How to select and promote online to the right target market. 

�  How to get traffic FAST, without spending much money on advertising.

�  My exact marketing methods I use to earn 5-8 times my return on investment. 

Unlike many other programs out there, I don't just give you a bunch of books, tapes, and manuals, and tell you to go to it!  I realize that many people can get overwhelmed with information and need specific steps to make it easy to get started online.  That is why I have a proven, specific four step plan that you can begin making money online within 72 hours. 

So Even If You're Totally New To The Net, You Don't Know How To Make A Web Site,  You Don't Know What To Sell, And Don't Know How To Sell....Then My Web Cash System Is Designed For You!

My entire Web Cash System consists of a 2 CD set with 2 Printed Manuals

The first CD in my WEB CASH System is called the
Web Site Master
What products can you locate or create yourself that will sell successfully? It is not easy as their are thousands of products and services to choose from. Some internet gurus tell you to create and sell your own ebooks. True, there have been some successful ebooks, but there are literally thousands of ebooks on the market. E-books are OK if you have something very unique or a clever angle, but there is tough competition out there. If you have little experience marketing on the web, are you going to write a 10-100 page e-book and compete with all the internet marketers?

Plus, most people don't have the motivation or the time to get a book finished let alone get it online and sell it. I realize that most of you don't have an unlimited time and cash to invest so you need an easy step-by-step system to get you setup quickly to begin selling online. 

What does sell? 

1. Hot marketable products that sell!
My CD will show you the hottest products to sell for 2003  (and no, it isn't selling sleazy porn sites or selling "get rich quick" info). My CD will show you by personal selection of winning products you can resell immediately.  I have tested these products and the rate of return is 3-5 times your investment.   I also keep you up-to-date with personal email about future products and trends so you don't have to go out and find them.  I do all the legwork for you! You can instantly begin selling these products and don't have to stock or ship anything.  All you focus on is promoting using all the tools and methods included on the CD.

2 . Setting up proven selling web pages quickly!
I will show you specific examples of sites that are proven money makers.  Even if you have no html web page experience, within 15 minutes you'll be setting up mini web pages that will follow my formula for making profits.  You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on software, as the Web Site Master CD provides you with all the FREE tools needed to have your web site up and running quickly.  For example, my WEB CASH system logo was created with a free 3d logo maker within minutes.  You will also receive free buttons, graphics, and the right headlines to use to have your web pages ready to take orders.  And you can take orders without having to have a merchant account.

Here is more list of tools and information you will find in the Web Site Master CD!

Proven Hot Products you can resell immediately and earn 3-5 times your return. 
Free newsletter that keeps you updated with the latest products and trends. 
Recommended Affiliate Programs (start immediately to make profits)
How to avoid the losers and pick the top money makers for your unique situation. 
Set up an automated order taking web site with the Automatic Web Page Creator. 
How To Take Orders without a merchant account.
Graphics Creator That Whips Out Graphics In Minutes.
Automatic banner creator.
Free signup forms to use.
Automatic 3D Title creator (creates titles in minutes).
Metatag generator.
Free Promotional Items you can give away to increase sales.
Free sales ads and forms.
Free adtracker to keep track of sales/hits to your site.
Top Recommended Residual Income Programs To Start.

The Second CD in my WEB CASH System is called the
Traffic Master
First of all, I want you to be clear on this point.  Your great web site and find products are very important, but the bottom line is unless you get visitors to your site, you won't make sales! 
After all, without knowing how to get traffic, your great looking website will just sit there like a store in a desert.  I have personally tested numerous promotional methods: search engines, FFA's, ezine ads, opt-in lists, and banner ads. 

The Traffic Master CD weeds out the b.s. that doesn't work and walks you through the steps on getting a steady flow of traffic from the right sources without spending a fortune on promotion.   The guys making the big money are the ones who know how to get targeted traffic to their site and focus most of their efforts on this!  I will show you my top methods of promotion I use each and every day to generate a return of 3-8 times my investment. And you can start without a big investment. I started with $25 and made a return of over $200.

How many guaranteed traffic programs have you ordered that didn't give you the sales results you expected?  How much time have you wasted on trying to figure out the search engines and then either your page results are not anywhere near the top 20 or perhaps you are not listed at all? How many ezine ads have you bought that didn't work? The bottom line, is that many of the promotional methods on the net are just hype!

So if you are looking for real actual methods that provide you with the traffic you need to sell your product or build your downline, then my TRAFFIC MASTER CD is for you! 

Why waste time with trying all the traffic methods out there? It is impossible to cover every traffic program on the net, and anyone attempting to do so will just get overwhelmed. Why waste time and money? The Traffic Master CD is not like other ebooks or programs you may have purchased. It isn't just a listing of a thousand links and say go to it. Instead, it only includes the exact best methods that have driven thousands of visitors to my site. You can run all your promotional campaigns with the Traffic Master. No guesswork, no wasted time, no expensive fees. 

Here is a partial list of tools and info you will find in the Traffic Master CD!

Promotional site that will start bringing you traffic within the first 48 hours.
The best sites for keeping current on search engines.
How to get top rankings in Google, Yahoo, and AOL (they cover about 70% of all internet traffic).
Creating 500 relevant links automatically to boost your ranking in Google.
Tools to optimize your site with proper metatags, for titles, keywords, and descriptions.
Search engine ranking and link checker software.
Keyword research tool for finding best keywords to use in pay per clicks.
Return on investment tool.
Secret techniques for utilizing the new Google Adword select.
Proven headlines to use for any business.
Top ezines that pull an incredible response.
Tips on placing ezine ads to maximize your return.
Recommended classified ads and where you can purchase them 15%-20% off normal rates
Banner creator utility that can produce professional banners in minutes.
Best free banner exchanges to generate immediate traffic.
Truth on online malls and my recommended mall that netted me over an 800% return.
How to produce our own opt in list of subscribers without costing you a dime.
Free list manager tool.
Free autoresponder, formmaker, and emailer.
Top six places to purchase quality lists.
The truth on guaranteed traffic/guaranteed signups. I will show you two that get great results. 
Utility for creating a press release and 7 key elements a press release should have.
Best places to submit your press release.
Low cost traffic generators you can use to automate your submission to directories and ad sites.
Inside tips on successful link exchanges.
Link popularity tool And How To Get Links.
Top free submission tools you can use to get listed on thousands of sites.
Secret traffic tips. 
Word tracker tool that will tell you what people are typing into the net. 

Everything you need is right in my 
WEB CASH System Interactive CD's.
Don't Just Take My Word For the testimonials!
Click Here for testimonials
from real people who have purchased my system to see how they realized their dreams

This is your opportunity for a real turnkey internet business!

Please understand that I ONLY use what I teach. Other courses give you theory, then they turn around and spend thousands of dollars on advertising that you can't afford. I want you to understand that I built my entire business using the tools and techniques with my  Web Cash System!

It's not hard to make $100 - $300 per day once you know how!

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is that EVERYTHING you need is right here to show you the steps to how this works:
1. Customers come to your website and your sales letter convinces them to make the purchase. 
2. They click on your reseller order link and my online credit card agency takes their credit card information and processes the order. 
3. Upon credit card approval, the customer receives the product, and you receive a commission on the sale.
 And you get paid over and over again for work you do one time. Once you have a good product you can keep selling over and over again.
All you need to get started is the decision that you�ll commit yourself to following my entire Interactive CD's.

I want you to make money to succeed, as it helps me succeed as well. I frequently produce or come across very hot products and when you  receive my CD's you become a member in my personal database and have the opportunity to be involved with all the newest and latest opportunities with me. I have proven to be an online success and you will become a part of this action as well. 

It all adds up to this: I am willing to take you by the hand from ground zero to making money with your own automated website taking orders for the hottest products.

I offer you all the tools necessary to get results and products to begin selling right away, TODAY!  No need to search or buy products to sell!
No need to ship products to customers, and no need to try and guess what works!

Now you may be asking yourself what does it cost to get started
with the
Web Cash System?


With The Web Cash System Package: 
You will receive...

Web Site Master Interactive CD + Manual

$69.95 value 

Traffic Master Pro Interactive CD + Manual

$69.95 value

Affiliate Sales And  Ad Tracker. (automatic tracking of all sales)

$29.00 value
Automatic Web Page Builder (build your own web site with products and order form in minutes) $99.00 value
Personal Mentoring with email and phone support to get you setup quickly  (you get unlimited email support and 1 hour of phone consultation) $300 value
 $567.90 value

In Addition, I am going to give you
4 Incredible Bonuses For Free!
(a $255.00 Value)

business reports
Bonus #1
3000 Business Reports
Another addition to our CD set is a section on 3000 business reports. Everything from classified ads, finance, to very useful business reports. (On CD) This alone is $110.00 Value
Bonus #2
Secret of Making Money On EBay
How to make $500 to $2000 a week on eBay using the hottest, hard to find and most sought after products. You'll see where to get these products for just a few dollars and get bids in the hundreds. (Download)  A $45.00 Value
Bonus #3
FREE Resource Center Membership
Access to our WebCash System Online Resource Center.  We provide tips and ideas, new programs for you to join, utilities and graphics and much more to help you in your online business. (Online)  A $45.00 Value
credit guide
Bonus #4
Secret Credit Guide
Free Membership to my Secret Credit Guide.  Free access to my members area reveals where to get a $5,000 credit card or a $30,000 line of credit for your business even if you have bad credit or no credit. Money Guide to Government Grants, how to fix bad credit and other invaluable credit reports. (Online) This alone is valued at $55.00

What do I charge for all these goodies?

Let's add up all the values again:

Web Site Master Interactive CD  $69.95
Traffic Master Interactive CD $69.95
Affiliate Sales and Ad Tracker $29.00
Automatic Web Page Builder  $99.00
Personal email and phone support $300.00
Bonus #1: 3,000 Business Reports $110.00
Bonus #2: Secret of Making Money on Ebay $45.00
Bonus #3: Free Resource Center Membership to my insiders newsletter with announcements of new products and techniques. $45.00
Bonus #4: Secret Credit Guide $55.00
That's a total value of  $822.90

I am giving you the Web Cash System with all the above bonuses for the Special Price of
plus shipping/handling
To order with credit card through PayPal


Special Upgrade
For Only $30 More I will give you one FREE year of web hosting along with registration of your own


One Free Year of Domain Registration.

$8.95 value

One Free Year of Web Hosting For Your Web Siteincludes your own email account

$240 value

If you were to get one year of web hosting from a company you would find that price by itself 

 would cost over $200 per year. Yet, I am not only giving you one year of web hosting, but domain name registration, hot products you can  resell, the 2 interactive CD's that teach you step-by-step, the bonuses,  the email and phone support, and the 30 day money back guarantee!

This Special Web Cash System Pro Package including the domain registration, web hosting, and all the above bonuses are yours for only

For A Limited Time Only! 

Good things never last forever. This is an extremely low price for what you are getting! As I mentioned, just web hosting alone would easily cost you over $200 per year if you priced it out. With that in mind, I can't keep my current prices forever. Plus, I can effectively only handle about 450 clients on my hosting service, so once I reach that, I will have to hire more staff, which will force me to increase my price. 

New prices after the increase:
When I reach 450 (which I very soon will) I'm going to raise the price to $199.95 for my entire package.
That's one reason to order right now. 

My CD's contain lots of information, to get you started quickly, I personally will assist you in setting up your own domain name, web hosting, and products to begin selling immediately to make huge profits!

Now, YOU have a choice. 

Stop wasting your time with business opportunities that are too general and don't give you the complete details to actually go out and make money. With the "Web Cash System" so you can get your web site up and running and selling products quickly!


Please believe me, no one else on the internet is going to give you as much value and leverage as I am giving you here. I am not going to always offer all of these products at such a low price an give all these bonuses away forever. 

If you don't take me up on my offer, what are you going to do?  Probably the same thing that  you've done over the last 5 years... go to work, pay your bills and dream of the life you wish you had.

Don't dream anymore! I urge you to change your pattern of living from paycheck to paycheck  and seriously take a look at this information.

Everything you need to get started selling products in the next 72 hours is included in my total Web Cash System!

This is your opportunity for a real turnkey internet business!
Please understand that I ONLY use what I teach. Other courses give you theory, but I set you up with a specific products you can sell, your domain name, web hosting, your own web site and proven marketing methods with my interactive CD's. I want you to understand that I built my entire business using the tools and techniques with my  Web Cash System!

No matter what your experience level on the internet is, my interactive CD's will get you setup on the internet quickly.  You won't have any guesswork on deciding which products to sell,  how to setup your turnkey web site, and how to promote.  Best of all, you don't have to waste time listening through hours of audio and video tapes. The interactive CD's guide you right through the automatic process.

Get Started Instantly

All you need to get started is the decision that you�ll commit yourself to working my program!
All you need to get started is the decision that you�ll commit yourself to following my Web Cash System. 

I want you to make money so that you succeed, as it helps me succeed as well. I frequently produce or come across very hot products and when you  receive my CD you become a member in my personal database and have the opportunity to be involved with all the newest and latest opportunities with me. I have proven to be an online success and you will become a part of this action as well. 


I am so confident that my Web Cash System will work for you, as  I am willing to give you a 30-day money back guarantee on your materials. Read the manuals, go through the entire interactive cd, and test out the methods to begin marketing hot products I tell you. If you don't feel this system will work for you and make profits, you can return your materials and I'll give you a full refund (minus shipping).

The only stipulation is that you have to make sure you really read through the CD's and took action by promoting at least one product I recommend. This is to ensure that you are serious. I really don't care to sell to people who are intent on getting our materials, copying the information, and then asking for a refund without making any attempt to use it. Just utilize the system and return it if you feel it isn't working for you and I will refund 100% of your money!


Remember, once you purchase my Web Cash System you will receive
1 year of email support and 1 hour of phone consultation to get you started immediately to making money online.

If you have any questions, I am here to answer your emails. Plus, I will give you one hour of free phone consultation to help get you started or answer any questions you may have. How many companies are willing to do that? I am here to help you succeed!

 The Web Cash System Pro Package
with the 2 interactive CD's/Manuals
  along with the domain name registration, one year of web hosting, the free bonuses and the 30-day money-back guarantee is yours for the special price of 
$129.00 + $8.00 s/h
To order with credit card through PayPal

P.S. You have absolutely no risk in taking advantage of this one of a kind offer today.

The bottom line is that my entire Web Cash System will get you started quickly and start making money.

Click Here For Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why waste 10 times that much money buying other courses and products that never give you a specific system to really get you started making money. 

Why waste money buying software you don't need when you have all the tools and software you will need with my package.

Why waste 10-20 times that much money by purchasing other marketing methods that simply don't work.

Final Thoughts
If you have considered purchasing other business opportunities, let me give you advice before deciding whether or not to make a purchase:
1. Don't order from someone who uses marketing techniques outside those taught in the system they sell.

2. Never buy a program that guarantees you'll make a certain amount of money in a specific time frame.

3. Don't be tempted into buying a system that makes unrealistic claims or promises of "something for nothing". There is no free lunch.

  Here is a list of other things to watch out for: 

1.  Programs that sell you a lot of tapes, manuals, and books that provide you with general information and don't give you any real specific product or marketing method for you to really start up an online business with. 

2. Programs that sell you outdated software or don't provide you with any upgrades. 

3. Programs that don't give you any support.   I provide you  with email and phone support whenever you need it. 

4. Programs that don't give you a clue on setting up a web site.   Or they if they provide you a website they give you just a page extension off their domain and not your own domain web site. 

5. Programs that do not offer hot new products on a regular basis.  Many products on the internet have a life cycle, as they may be hot for six months then become stale and over saturated.


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