Here is a list of scams that I have checked out. 
In fact, I tried a few of these like envelope stuffing and the
medical billing and never made a dime with any of them.   

Internet Scams
There are numerous internet Scams on the net. Such things as email chain letters, making $5,000 by next week sitting around in your underwear, and other garbage like that. Before you buy any internet opportunity do these three things: 

1.Make sure they list their name, phone number and real address online and not just merely an email address. 
2. Make sure they offer at least a  30-day money-back guarantee.
3. Go to a search engine (I like google) and see if you can find any complaints on the company and web site. If you find dozens of bad complaints then stay away from them. 

Work at Home Scams
The big work at home scams have been things like envelope stuffing, judicial judgements, medical billing, and chain letters to name just a few. If something promises you can make a lot of easy money in a very short time, then stay clear. You can make a lot of money on the net, but it takes a good product, proper marketing, and investment in both time and money. It isn't as easy as just setting up a website and by next week you'll have $5,000. Check out my reviews of the envelope stuffing and medical billing by clicking the links above. 

Easy Money
There are a lot of business opportunities that promise you easy money from home without doing any work at all. While it is possible to make lots of money at home, it isn't possible to get rich quick. When you see an ad that says, EASY MONEY! QUICK CASH, etc., these companies are just trying to get a quick sale off of you. 

I have been selling successfully online for over four years. Was it easy? Not in my first year, as I was out there trying out every program and spending money on tons of advertising, and showed very little profit for all of my hard work. However, it is now fairly easy for me to make good money online, as I have perfected my craft and can teach others the same with my Web Cash System on CD.

Pyramid Schemes 
Pyramid schemes have been around for many years, but they keep coming up with new twists to make them sound different. Basically, they all involve getting people signed up in a downline matrix and then tell you that if you get two people under you and they get two under you and so on...then in a few months you will make thousands of dollars per month. However, upon further examination, all you will be doing is recruiting people in the business with the hopes of them recruiting others. So, in essence, you are not selling a real product, or, if they do have a product, it is probably a product that no one wants or desires. 

Network Marketing
Many companies think that network marketing is just going out and hitting up your circle of friends and relatives to try and get them all involved in a business. No wonder network marketing gets a bad name.   Just doing that alone is not network marketing, and probably isn't a good move anyway. I would suggest getting into a real business with a real plan for marketing and not just hit up your friends and relatives. 

Search Engine Scams
There are many companies online that are claiming they can get you top 10 rankings on all the major search engines. Fact is no one can get you all top positions on all search engines for all your words.   True, there are some companies who study the search engines and have learned the rules and can get some good results with some of your keywords. But to guarantee top 10 on all of your important keywords? No way. 

Also, be wary of companies that say they will create hundreds of doorway pages to submit to the search engines. What happens is that these doorway pages they create will be nothing more than a bunch of keywords thrown together on a page without any coherency. They try and put in your keyword sprinkled throughout the text to score a good ranking in hopes of tricking the search engines. The search engines do not like this practice and if they catch those pages, they will not include them in their listings.

I have learned that you need a real product to make money on the net.  Plus, you have to know where to market your product online
inexpensively to make good profits. 

My Web Cash CD's will guide you through all the steps to get set up quickly to resell the hottest products and earn real profits.  

Even if you are a beginner and don't know how to set up web pages,
which products to sell, or where to Web Cash System
will take you step-by-step so you can begin immediately! 

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