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How to Sell Affiliate Programs

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Desktop Promoter
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Contains thousands of FREE Ad Sites & Resources and two FREE ebooks. Everything you need to promote like crazy, all in one convenient location!

The Traffic Virus Software, Ver. 2.0
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Traffic Virus Submission Wizzard contains everything you need to drive more traffic to your site, plus web tools, and marketing tips and techniques.

"Superior Marketing Tools & Tactics" Software
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Learn how to market like the pros do! 

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Promote-O-Matic Software will get you the TRAFFIC YOU NEED!


Internet Marketing Secrets on a Shoestring Budget!
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Don't miss this great ebook. There's a ton of very useful information here. Really a wonderful resource!

Unlimited Profits
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Cut through all the Hype and Start Making Money Today!

Insider Profits
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Infoproduct Success Secrets Revealed!

Internet Marketing Kit
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Internet Marketing Kit is JAM PACKED with every web tool you'll ever need and a TON of Freebies too! 

7 Secrets to Unlimited Traffic
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Learn the most important things you need to do to create major traffic instead of wasting your time with useless methods like posting to free link pages

Guerilla Web Promotion and Marketing, Ver. 1.2
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Shows you how to get tons of Free publicity and promotion on the web. Really great info here.

Ingredients for Success
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A great little ebook full of success tips to help you sell on the Internet.

How to Take the Internet by Storm
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Contains the links to tons of Free ebooks and Internet Resources to help you flourish on the Internet.

10 Worst Marketing Mistakes
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This is a fantastic ebook, written with just the right amount of humor, and full of solid advice that could save you a bundle.

How to Make up to $700 on the Internet in 7 Days or Less
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A Great Little Marketing ebook by Jerome Chapman of Top Ezine Ads. Lots of useful information here.

7 Secrets to Unlimited Traffic
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This Fantastic little ebook helps you get straight to the MOST IMPORTANT things you need to do to get MAJOR TRAFFIC.


Scientific Advertising
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Every Internet Marketer should learn the secret principles taught in the "Bible" 
of Marketing. 

Advertising for Profits
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Learn the Do's and Don'ts of Internet Classified Advertising.

Magic Letters
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This ebook will teach you "How to Write So People Buy Now." This book can make a HUGE difference in your business, online or offline! 

The Internet Ad Writing Tips Superbook
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This ebook will show you how to write ads that will get you loads of traffic to your site.

How to Make Your Ads Pull Like Crazy
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This ebook is indespensible for writing ads that will pull customers like magic.


How to Increase Auction Profits
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Great ebook for anyone who's into Internet Auctions.

101 Ebay Seller Secrets Revealed
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A neat listing of 101 secret tips for you to explode your auction profits.


Your Own Internet Business - An Overview
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Advice and Guidance from 19 Successful Internet Marketers

Turning Passion Into Profit How to Make Money 
Doing Something You Love
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Lots of ideas to help you get started making money with your passions.

A Beginner's Guide to Starting a High-Income Business on the Internet
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A great little introductory book by Jim Daniels. The book is interesting, but the card trick he's included will blow you away!


The Magic Story
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Everyone who has been told the story has prospered by it. It seems to "change people's lives for the better like magic." Maybe it will do the same for you.

29 Tutorials
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Put out by the Newbie Club, this is a great little ebook full of tips and tricks to make your computer more user-friendly!



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