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Here's a COOL New Way to Get Traffic to Your Website:

Updated: April 1, 2017

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Hi, I'm Cynthia Howard. Welcome to my Marketing Website.

Listed on my website are my Favorite Marketing Methods, Traffic Sites and Advertising Resources, all in one place!

Some of them provide Instant Web Traffic where you can be set up and getting traffic in 5 minutes. Others require a bit more effort, but once you put in the initial work, the long-term benefits are astounding.

There's lots more to come, so bookmark this website now. (If you are using the Firefox browser, use Ctrl-D)

Also see  The Truth About Traffic!

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Leads, Leads, Leads!

Instant Guaranteed Traffic!

Guaranteed Traffic is GREAT, and one of the easiest, fastest, and least expensive ways to get guaranteed traffic to your website is through the use of programs called Traffic Exchanges. These are programs where you simply agree to view other people's websites in exchange for GUARANTEED INSTANT VISITORS to your own site, and most of them are FREE TO JOIN!

Here's how they work: When you join, you will submit the website that you want to advertise. Then you will click on a special "Surf" button within the program's member's area, and you'll begin viewing other member's websites. The more sites you view, the more credits you'll accumulate, and the more credits you have, the more times those other members will view YOUR website.

All of these programs require you to stay on each website for a certain number of seconds, usually between 10 and 30. Once the time is up, you have to manually click a link to view the next website. If you don't have time to manually surf, you can always upgrade and/or buy hits to your website. The cost varies for each exchange, but generally goes for $5 - $10 per one thousand credits (hit to your website).

IMPORTANT: In order to get good results advertising on Traffic Exchanges, you MUST use a Splash Page or a Squeeze Page/Lead Capture Page. Never use the affiliate referral website that your company/program gives you.

CLICK HERE for a real easy-to-use Splash Page Maker. If you need more info on how and why to use a Splash Page, CLICK HERE to read a short report on the subject.

Here's a GREAT Lead Capture Page Maker. Comes with an Autoresponder too, and SO MUCH MORE. You have to see it to believe it! Use the Special Offer Code: freeweek for a FREE Trial!

Below are a few of my FAVORITE Traffic Exchanges. They are in alphabetic order. They are FREE to JOIN, but you will get much more exposure to your sites and you will make more money if you upgrade in them!

Hey, if you like EASY and EFFECTIVE Advertising, click below and check out Referral Frenzy. I LOVE it and I'm sure You Will Too!


to get FREE info on
another one of my favorite ways to generate
TONS of Targeted Leads Plus Residual and Instant CASH!

I am currently updating this page, so check back every day
and there should be new stuff!



Click Voyager One of my ALL-time Favorites! FREE Splash Page Maker and I always get a good response here!
DragonSurf One of the MOST POPULAR Traffic Exchanges on the Net with a very large membership. I always get results here!
EasyHits4U Fantastic Traffic Exchange! You can surf with a 1:1 ratio even as a FREE member! HUGE Membership - Too many features to mention here, you just need to join for FREE and check it all out
LegacyHits A really great Traffic Exchange for connecting with others socially. Very active and responsive Admin too!
TezakTraffic  A Top Ranked traffic exchange by all the major TE Rankers!
TopSurfer You can't beat the value you'll get here! Top Surfer offers Solo Ads that get a great response for a reasonable price. Wholesale (Pro) Members make 100% INSTANT Commissions here too!
TrafficSwarm Traffic Swarm is the KING of EASY and FAST Traffic. You can join for FREE and that will allow you to post 10 ads, but PRO Members get to place UNLIMITED Ads! You WILL get people reading your ads right away here, so that makes it a MUST JOIN!


Strapped for Time? No Time to Surf?
You'll LOVE These Traffic Co-ops!



Explosive Traffic

Here's a COOL New Way to Get Traffic to Your Website:


Safelist and Email Advertising  

Safelist advertising is an EASY, FAST, and totally "safe" way to get your business opportunity in front of potential prospects. Often times, it's the quickest way to get going if you're new to Internet Marketing.

Opt-in Safelists are simply groups of people who have all agreed to read other list members' emails in exchange for the privilege of sending their messages out. There is no need to worry about SPAM complaints because each person on an Opt-in Safelists has agreed to accept email ads from other members on the list.

CLICK HERE to visit my Safelist and Email Marketing website. There you'll find my list of the BEST Safelists, both Free and Paid. Join some of them and start blasting your ads today.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is the MOST POPULAR form of online advertising at the moment, and you really should get up to speed and begin using its amazing power to get more leads and more sales.

CLICK HERE for a great way to get started using Facebook Ads.

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is one of the HOTTEST New methods for advertising, and it's something you should definitely find out more about.


Pay Per View (PPV)

PPV Advertising is where you bid for ad space on sites such as Search Bars, Game Sites and other websites and apps that people download for free. With Pay Per View Advertising, you can actually get Targeted Traffic for less than Half a Penny Per View!


Media Buys

You can get tons of Targeted Traffic to Your Website with Media Buys!

You can get started with Media Buys for as low as $25 and you can try out MediaTrafficMeltdown, which is the best, least expensive training on Media Buys!

This is excellent Media Buy training and for a lot less than most courses. Comes in Video format and leaves out nothing. It's all right here!

Article Writing

Article writing is one of the VERY BEST methods for getting traffic to your website. It's totally FREE and it will get you high rankings in the search engines. Basically what you do is write an article about your subject of choice, submit it to Article Sites, and then sit back and watch the traffic come in. Yes, it's that easy.

Now, this will not get you Instant Traffic, but it can actually get you on the front page of Google in about 2 - 3 days if you do it correctly. I have been doing this for awhile now with various affiliate products, and it works great! In fact, it doesn't get much better than this! is the one of the best places to submit your articles, but there are many others. Just do a search on Google for more places to submit your articles.

Also, CLICK HERE for a fantastic Niche Keyword Finder. This will help you find the correct keywords to target when writing your articles, as well as showing you how to find new niche markets. This software will show you how much competition there is for your keyword, and will even show you where to find affiliate products to promote!

Here is the BEST Training on How to Write Content for Article Marketing!

Ezine Advertising

Ezine ads are a great way to advertise your business. In case you didn't already know, an ezine is simply an online newsletter. Most ezines are free and you simply subscribe to them using your email address. There are hundreds of them, and many are full of very useful marketing information.

Many of them also offer FREE classified ads, which are great if you're on a tight budget. Some of them offer Sponsor Ads (large ads, usually at the top of an ezine), and Solo Ads (special emailings that contain only your ad). These will get you a better response, but they will cost you more too.

Another FANTASTIC resource for Solo Ads, completely revamped for 2017, is the Directory of Ezines

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising never goes out of style!

I am in the process of revamping my website and will be adding more great Banner Ad Sites shortly.




 CashInOnBanners! Click on 6 Member Banners and then Add YOUR Banner to the site. Earn $10 INSTANT Commissions Over and Over Again.
 InstantBannerAds Great Banner Exchange owned by a great Admin. This one gets your ads shown on THOUSANDS of sites and you can also INSTANT Commissions Over and Over Again.


Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

Pay-Per-Click advertising will get you some FAST action for sure.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines (PPC) are simply search engines where advertisers bid on keywords in order to get their websites seen by targeted customers. As an advertiser, you simply choose the keywords that you think people would search for when looking for your website. Then you bid on those keywords and you pay the bid amount every time someone clicks on your ad.

PPC Search is a great way to test out your ads quickly because you can begin getting targeted traffic right away. You can then split test your ads and see which ones work the best. But, you must be very careful because if you don't know what you are doing, your money will be sucked right out of your wallet faster than you can say "STOP, I don't know what I'm doing!"

For the latest up-to-date training on How to Market Online

Here are a few Pay-Per-Click Search Engines to try:

By far the Most Popular Pay-Per-Click site. Google PPC Ads will get you tons of targeted traffic, but be careful because it can also suck up your advertising budget like a vacuum cleaner!
Bing Another Popular Pay-Per-Click site. This one will get you lots of targeted traffic and probably won't cost you near as much as Google Adwords.
7Search Affordable PPC. This is a great choice for beginners to PPC Marketing. Be a Advertiser!
Yahoo Gemini The second most popular Pay-Per-Click site. This will also get you tons of targeted traffic very quickly.


Domains and Web Hosting



An  Autoresponder is an ESSENTIAL marketing tool. They allow you to capture the names and email addresses of people who are interested in your offers. This lets you follow up with those prospects over and over again on Auto-Pilot.

There are many Autoresponders on the net, some paid and some free. I don't care for the free ones because they usually include another member's ad at the top of every outgoing email...and that's not good for you!

Aweber is the Autoresponder that I use. If you are looking for the Rolls Royce of Autoresponders, this is it. Highest Email Deliverability, Unlimited Campaigns, Superior Customer Support, Easy to set up. Make sure YOUR followup messages get delivered by using the very best Autoresponder on the market...AWEBER!

FREE Courses to Help You Market with Email:

Growing Your Business with Email Marketing

What To Write In Your Emails


Directory of Ezines
Updated for 2017, the Directory of Ezines has been the premier source for solo ads and ezine advertising for years.

Don't even think about doing business online without Roboform. It keeps all of your passwords, fills out forms, and just makes life a whole lot easier. If you are a member of several different websites, you MUST have this. It's FREE to download.

I have been using this software for a few years and honestly couldn't do business without it. It will help you tremendously in keeping the spam out of your email accounts. - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!




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