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Hi, I'm Cynthia Howard, and I have put together this website all about using Email Marketing to get YOUR messages and ads out to potential prospects on the Internet!

Email Marketing, in the form of Safelists, Solo Ads is one of the EASIEST, FASTEST ways to get your business advertised on the Internet. Opt-in safelists are totally SAFE and SPAM-FREE because everyone on each safelist has agreed to accept your email ads.

I have made THOUSANDS of dollars by advertising my programs with safelists and solo ads, and you can do the same thing.

Simply sign up for each safelist below and start blasting away! Many of the Safelists below are free to join, and many also pay commissions or give you credits for referring others, giving you an additional source of income and/or more advertising!

NOTE: When you join a safelist, you will need to give them two email addresses in order to join. You can use your main email address as your Contact email, as long as you don't mind getting an a few Solo Ads sent to you every day. But, it's a better idea just to use a Contact Email address specifically for Safelists. You must NEVER use your main email account for your List Email because you will be inundated with tons of emails.

If you want a great List Email account, where you NEVER have to worry about running out of space, just click here for the BEST FREE email account on the net.

Fill out the form below to get my Most GUARDED Traffic Nuggets and Safelist Tips!


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Solo Ad Rolodex includes over 150 solo ad resources for the Internet Marketing niche and 24 sources for non-Internet Marketing niches, such as health, weight-loss, etc.

Directory of Ezines

Solo Ad Dynamite

Classified Central






Solo Ads and List Builders!

I have just added two NEW Sections to my list of Safelists, and they are specifically for List Builders and Solo Ad Mailers. List Builders are High-Powered Safelists that generally have more members, offer more advertising options and pay higher commissions. They also have a section where you can add your Affiliate ID for others Lists, so that you can build your downline and earn commissions. Solo Ad Mailers send out ads to dozens of lists at one time, and they go out to contact emails so they are very effective.

Many of the Safelists below also offer Solo Ads, so make sure to take advantage of those as well. I use all types of email marketing, and have always done very well.

NEW Mailers

These are New Mailers which I have considered worthy of joining. I will add them to my main listing area below, with a complete writeup on each one as soon as I get time! Go ahead and join them by clicking on each Banner. They are all good!

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MORE Being Added, so Bookmark This Page!

*My Top 10 are marked with an asterisk*, but they do change from week to week, depending on current results so be sure to check back often




Classified Central Several different Solo Ad Packages available. They will even design the ad for you. Just give them your link!
Clix-R-Us Super Solos Send a Super Solo Ad to 36,000+ Members on 52 Ad Sites! Use 5 Rotating Subject Lines!
Mega-Mail Sol Ads Your ad goes out to over 81,000 Members FOUR TIMES for just $39.95!
Smart-list Solo Your ad goes out to over 13,000 Members for just $5.95!
Monster Solo Ads Send a Solo Ad to 200,000 Members. Your ad goes out to the members of 40 different sites!
SuperSoloAds Send Your Solo Ad To Sites With Over 600,000 Members!
We GUARANTEE That Your Ads Will Be Viewed!
TotalAdExplosion Send a Solo Ad to 121 Sites and Reach Over 55,000 Members.



Bakery Mailer

1,400+ Members and Growing FAST! Great Response. Get 1,500 Mailing Credits, 1,500 Banner Credits and 1,500 Text Credits, and $2.00 for FREE!

*Email Hog Over 5,000 Members. Email Hog is one of my Favorite Lists. Even Free Members can earn commissions here. Get $100 in FREE Advertising!
GoldenChest Mailer

Over 2,000 Members. Email Hog is one of my Favorite Lists. Even Free Members can earn commissions here. Get $100 in FREE Advertising!

Land Marketing Mailer

1,700+ Members and Growing FAST.  Get 1500 MONTHLY Advertising Credits for FREE! PLUS...Send an email to ALL Members for FREE! Earn 25% Commissions even as a FREE Member. Very reasonable OTO gets you LOTS More!

ListBonus 10,000+ Members. Rated A+++ for being one of the most responsive lists. Get 1500 Free Advertising Credits!
MyInstantList Over 9,000 Members. You can earn INSTANT Commissions here, even as a Free Member. Get $100 in FREE Advertising!
PromoPartyPack 2,900+ Members. Join for FREE and get $200 in FREE Ads.
*TheLeadMagnet 17,000+ Members. Join for FREE and earn Instant Commissions!

Viral Ad Magnet

4,700+ Members. Awesome Mailer. Get 2,000 Mailing Credits for FREE. Earn 25% Commissions as a FREE Member. Get a Lifetime Copper Upgrade for ONLY $19.95! Too Many Perks to list here. You MUST See for Yourself!

Viral Blitz Mailer

Over 1,600 Members. Get 1,000 MONTHLY Credits for joining FREE, plus Banner and Text Ad Credits. Earn 20% Commissions as a Free Member! Solo Ads to 23 Networks for ONLY $5.95.

TopTierMailer 8,000+ Members. Join NOW. Response rate is very good here!



ActiveSafelist 10,000+ Members. The Safelist with a Difference! Get 35,000 Credits just for joining FREE! Solo Ads: $7.95.
AdJockeys 2,000+ Members. Also offers Solo Ads, Text Ads, Banner Ads and so much more. Has a great Affiliate Program!
*AdTactics 15,600+ Members. Earn credits by reading members' emails and by referring other members. Solo Ads: $10 on Special now.
AdTroopers 8,000+ Members. Great Admin. Get 25,000 Credits for joining as a FREE Member! Solo Ads: $9.95, but the
AdSolutions Over 28,500 Members. Earn credits by reading members' emails and by referring other members 3 Levels Deep! Get 1,000 Credits for joining FREE! Solo Ads: $35 - Very Responsive Solos.
*BusinessWorld Over 80,000 Members. I get lots of signups and sales from this list. You must upgrade to PRO to get the FULL benefit of this list, but it's well worth the small cost. Join FREE. The cost to Upgrade is $12/month and well worth the money.
*Cash4uSafelist Over 41,000 Members. Special - Join now and upgrade to Pro for only $2.00 for the first Month! Fantastic Safelist!
20,000+ Members. Join FREE and build a HUGE list or Upgrade and email Over 20,000 members every other day! Great Response!
EffectiveSafelist 5,000+ Members. Solo Ads: $3.95

12,000+ Members. Great Admin. Lots of great features. Get 1,500 - 15,000 Credits just for joining. You can earn Residual Income here too. Solo Ads: $20.95.

*EuropeanSafelist Over 13,000 Members. One of my very favorite safelists. Upgrade to Pro for just $7/month and you get your own Autoresponder (with 12 sub accounts), Lead Capture Page, 500 Bizop Leads and a Contact Solo Ad Every Month! WOW!
Equus Safelist 5,000+ Members. Has a Referral Mailer that you can use once per week to keep in contact with your referrals. Good Admin and lots of extras! Solo Ads: $7.00. Get $10 just for joining as a FREE Member.
*FreeSafelistMailer Over 33,000 Members. Pays Affiliate Commissions on 3 levels. Get $10 just for joining as a FREE Member. Solo Ads: $34.99
Over 3,900 Members. Lots of extras here. Upgrade to Exclusive Membership and you can submit your Solo Ad every week!
GlobalSafelist Over 13,200 Members. Earn credits by reading members' emails and by referring other members! Even FREE Members can earn! Free Banner and Text Ads. List Solos starting at $5.95, Contact Solo Ads: $18.95.
*GOTSafelist Over 32,000 Active Members. 10,000 Credits just for joining FREE! Offers Guaranteed Reader Solo Ads, Desktop Ads and Lots More! As an extra benefit, you get to email your downline every 5 days. Solo Ads: $62. Two for $109. You are Guaranteed at least 1,200 Visitors per Solo Ad!
*Herculist Over 56,500 Members. Paid Members get a lifetime subscription to Smart-List Safelist - a VERY responsive list. Solo Ads: $5.95.
ListVolta Over 10,300 Members. Lots of great ways to advertise here.
Newage Marketing Over 4,300 Members. Get 2,000 Credits for signing up FREE. Earn credits for referrals. Solo Ads: $5.97
Safelister Over 26,000 Members. Get 75,000 Credits for signing up FREE. Earn 10,000 for each referral. Solo Ads: $39.00 - SPECIAL $19.50 for a Limited Time!
SafelistPro Over 6,300 Members. Has a Downline Builder and a Referral Mailer. Get 5,000 Credits for signing up FREE. Solo Ads: $7.95
SafelistXL 5,900+ Members. You get 30,000 Credits just for joining FREE! Solo Ads: $6.00
SuperSafeMailer 4,600+ Members. Join for FREE and Get 25,000 Mailing Credits! Has a Downline Builder and a Referral Mailer. Solo Ads start at $5.98.
SupremeList 4,400+ Members. Earn credits and cash for referrals. Solo Ads: On Special for $5.99
TargetSafelist Over 3,500 Members. Get 5,000 Free Credits. Has a Downline Builder and a Referral Mailer too! Solo Ads: $6.95.
TheMailBagList Over 4,600 Members. Get 2,400 Credits for FREE, plus 1,000 Monthly Credits. Solo Ads ONLY $2.95
The Traffic Secret Over 3,700 Members. Great Admin. Offers Solo Ads, Banner Ads and More! Get 5,000 Credits for joining FREE, plus 1,000 Monthly Credits. Has a Referral Mailer Built into the System so You Can Email Your Direct Referrals Every 7 Days! Solo Ads ONLY $2.95.

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  Leads, Leads, Leads!


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