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    August 15, 2022

Hi, I'm Cynthia Howard, and I'm happy to "meet" you online. I have put together this website about using Email Marketing to help you get YOUR messages and ads out to potential prospects on the Internet!

Email Marketing, in the form of Safelists, Mailers and Solo Ads, is one of the EASIEST, FASTEST ways to get your business advertised on the Internet. Opt-in safelists are totally SAFE and SPAM-FREE because everyone on each safelist has agreed to accept your email ads.

I have made THOUSANDS of dollars by advertising my programs with safelists and solo ads, and you can too.

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Here's how to get started right away: sign up for each safelist below and start blasting away! Many of the are free to join, and most also pay commissions or give you credits for referring others, giving you an additional source of income and/or more advertising!

NOTE: When you join a safelist, many times you will need to give them two email addresses in order to join. You can use your main email address as your Contact email, as long as you don't mind getting an a few Solo Ads sent to you every day. But, it's a better idea just to use a Contact Email address specifically for Safelists. You must NEVER use your main email account for your List Email because you will be inundated with tons of emails.

If you want a great List Email account, where you NEVER have to worry about running out of space, just click here for the BEST FREE email account on the net.



More AWESOME Lists -
Join and Send Your Ads NOW!





Accepts PayPal, Credit Card (via Stripe) Uphold and STP




Accepts Credit Card, Coinpayments, Uphold and STP


Here's One of My Favorite Safelist Resources:


If you're not yet a member of Referral Frenzy, you really need to be!

It's an absolute Goldmine of Advertising that includes THOUSANDS
of FREE MONTHLY Safelist Credits, Banners and Text Ads!

PLUS...once you get set up, you can send out your ads AUTOMATICALLY!

I wouldn't be without Referral Frenzy, and that's the TRUTH!




 Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

Leads, Leads, Leads!

Once you've joined a few of the Mailers and Safelists below, you are going to want to check out two of my favorite Traffic Programs, Referral Frenzy and ReferralBuilderElite. These two programs will provide you with tons of traffic credits so that you won't be spending your life clicking for credits.

If you want to get on my list to learn more about Referral Frenzy Click Here.

Also, check out Truckload of Ads and Traffic Codex for Special Promo Codes that will give you TONS MORE credits for your mailers!

Mailers, Safelists & Solo Ads!

New Ones Are Being Added All the Time,
So Make Sure You Bookmark This Page Now!

TOP 10 Safelists and Mailers.




Accepts Paypal and Bitcoin!

Delivers Your Solo Ad to 115 Sites with Just ONE Click!

Guaranteed Solo Mails

Accepts, Solid Trust Pay and Credit Cards!

Delivers 500+ UNIQUE views for every Solo Ad you send, plus offers a Regular Credit Mailer too. Join for FREE and you can use the Credit Mailer, but take at least the Basic Upgrade if you want to send Solo Ads.

Mega-Mail Solo Ads Your ad goes out to over 81,500 Members FOUR TIMES for just $39.95! Accepts Paypal and Credit Cards
Smart-list Solo Your ad goes out to over 13,200 Members for just $5.95! Accepts CoinPayments and Credit Cards
SuperSoloAds Send Your Solo Ad To Sites With Over 600,000 Members!
We GUARANTEE That Your Ads Will Be Viewed!

 Safelists and Mailers


Advertising For Success

1,400+ Members

Accepts PayPal, STP Credit Cards and Cryptocurrency!

Brand New Mailer form Marty Petrizza - Owner of
Referral Frenzy! Growing nicely and has some unique features, so you really should join!


10,000+ Members

Accepts Credit Cards!

Always a Top 10 List, it's a Must Join! Has SPECIAL Branding FeaturesFree members earn 20% commissions, but with an upgraded account you will earn 50%!

Email Hog

6,400+ Members

Accepts Solid Trust Pay and Credit Cards!


Email Hog is one of my VERY Favorite Lists. Receive At Least 2% CTR'S Or Get Your Credits Back! Free Members earn 25% Commissions. Paid Members earn up to 50%. Get $100 in FREE Advertising! Take the's worth it here!

Fast List Mailer

10,000+ Members

Accepts PayPal

Fast List Mailer is a Great Mailer with Great Admins. Earn up to 50% Referral Commissions.

Guaranteed Mails

3,600+ Members

Accepts Solid Trust Pay and Credit Cards!

Guaranteed Mails is another mailer by the owner of the highly successful Email Hog, which is one of my Favorite Mailers. Even Free Members earn 25% commissions! Upgrade to Paid Member and You Get Guaranteed Visitors to Your Site!

Land Marketing Mailer

4,900+ Members  

Accepts CoinPayments and Credit Cards via Solid Trust Pay

Login Here


ALL Members Can Send an email to ALL Members for FREE! Earn 25% Commissions even as a FREE Member. AWESOME One-Time-Offer gets you LOTS More! Enter Promo Code: NewMember
For 2500 Mail Credits/1000 Banner Credits/1000 Text Ad Credits


5,000+ Members

Accepts PayPal


Unique, Responsive Mailer. Excellent Support. You can view ads within the Member's Area. List Avail offers a unique display of your ad - not like any other Mailer I have seen - Very COOL! Other members can even give your ads a Thumbs Up or Down! Earn up to 50% Commissions as an Upgraded Member.

ListBonus 10,000+ Members. Rated A+++ for being one of the most responsive lists. Get 1500 Free Advertising Credits!
List Impact

5,600+ Members




3,200+ Members

Credit Cards

I always get a good click-through rate here. Use promocode "Super" to get started with 1000 Mailing Credits!


Mountain High Mailer

1,600+ Members

Admin keeps a very clean list with all active members.


Accepts Bitcoin and Credit Cards

Profitable Email Marketing

I love this list, and every list owned by Darren Olander. Join for FREE and Earn Your Upgrade. Earn up to 50% Commissions as an Upgraded Member.

Ad Solutions Over 28,500 Members. Earn credits by reading members' emails and by referring other members 3 Levels Deep! Get 1,000 Credits for joining FREE! Solo Ads: $35 - Very Responsive Solos.
Cash4u Safelist

44,700+ Members.

Accepts PayPal

Join Cash4uSafelist

Special - Join now and upgrade to Pro for only $2.00 for the first Month! Fantastic Safelist!

Downline Builder
No Longer Online
Effective Safelist 5,000+ Members. Solo Ads: $3.95
Elite Safelist

16,900+ Members


Great Admin. Lots of great features. Get 1,500 - 15,000 Credits just for joining. You can earn Residual Income here too. Solo Ads: $21.95.

European Safelist

16,400+ Members

Accepts Credit Cards and PayPal


One of my very favorite safelists. Upgrade to Pro for just $7/month and you get your own Autoresponder (with 12 sub accounts), Lead Capture Page, 500 Bizop Leads and a Contact Solo Ad Every Month! WOW!

Equus Safelist 5,000+ Members. Has a Referral Mailer that you can use once per week to keep in contact with your referrals. Good Admin and lots of extras! Solo Ads: $7.00. Get $10 just for joining as a FREE Member.
Free Safelist Mailer

42,600+ Members

Accepts PayPal


Pays Affiliate Commissions on 3 levels. Get $10 just for joining as a FREE Member.  Solo Ads $19.99.


18,500+ Members.

Accepts Credit Cards
and CoinPayments 

Earn credits by reading members' emails and by referring other members! Even FREE Members can earn!
List Solos start at $3.89, Contact Solo Ads: $15.95.


Over 32,000 Members.


 10,000 Credits just for joining FREE! Offers Guaranteed Reader Solo Ads, Desktop Ads and Lots More! As an extra benefit, you get to email your downline every 5 days. Solo Ads: $62. Two for $109. You are Guaranteed at least 1,200 Visitors per Solo Ad! Warning! I have upgraded twice and then have been set back to FREE with no reply from Admin when I asked what was going on!

85,600+ Members

Accepts Coinbase and Credit Cards

  Leads, Leads, Leads!

Paid Members get a lifetime subscription to Smart-List Safelist - a VERY responsive list.

Get a SPECIAL BONUS for Joining TODAY!

Solo Ads Start at $5.95.

Click Here for Solo Ads to 81,500+


Accepts Bitcoin and Credit Cards

Login to ListSurfing

List Surfing - Social Advertising Network

I love this site because it's one of a kind!
View 50 Sites a Month, and Your Site Stays Active!
Upgrade to Earn up to 50% Commissions!

ListVolta Over 10,300 Members. Lots of great ways to advertise here.
Mister Safelist

7,200+ Members

Accepts PayPal


Get 1,000 Credits for Joining FREE! Your ads are only sent to active members who have logged into Mister Safelist or checked their email in the last 30 days. This insures that your credits are never wasted sending your ads to inactive members. Great Support!

Northern Mailer

2,000+ Members

Accepts PayPal,

Great Mailer and Great Admin! Very reasonable Upgrades!

Puffin Mailer

Rodeo Mailer

4,500+ Active Members

Accepts PayPal


Great Mailer and Great Admin! Keeps his list clean and ACTIVE!


Over 6,300 Members. Has a Downline Builder and a Referral Mailer. Get 5,000 Credits for signing up FREE. Solo Ads: $7.95

SOTAM Safelist

39,000+ Members

Credit Cards

Email Marketing Evolved!

State-Of-The-Art Mailer (SOTAM) is the BEST Safelist Online! Join for FREE and Send Your Ad to 3,000 Members Every 5 Days!

Solo Ad to 30,000 Members for just $19.95...No waiting! 

TargetSafelist Over 3,500 Members. Get 5,000 Free Credits. Has a Downline Builder and a Referral Mailer too! Solo Ads: $6.95.
The Lead Magnet

22,400+ Members

Accepts PayPal and Uphold


The Lead Magnet is ALWAYS in the Top 10 List of Mailers. Join for FREE and earn Instant Commissions!

Check Back...
NEW Safelists Added Often!

Leads, Leads, Leads!



My BEST Money Makers!  
My BEST Advertising & Marketing Resources!  
Make Money with Safelist Marketing!

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