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Hi, I'm Cynthia Howard, and I would like to introduce you to my Proven Money-Makers and Honest Review website!

Listed below are companies/programs which have passed my due diligence, are currently paying as they advertise and are run by competent Admins.

Make sure to check out my Instant Pay Programs too!

In addition, please scroll down to read about those programs which I Don't Recommend.


The Programs Below are Highly Recommended!

MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP)

MLSP is possibly the BEST Lead-Generating Powerhouse I have ever seen, and it can also make you a very nice monthy income!

Just CLICK HERE to get a taste of how POWERFUL this system is, and how it can elevate your current home business to a whole new level.

And even if you don't currently have a home business, MLSP has you covered!


Your Own Marketing BLOG, all ready to be set up in just a few minutes!

Funnelizer System, complete with Lead Capture Pages and Landing Pages!

In addition, you also have access to Complete Training in Internet Marketing, PLUS Read-Made Products that you can give away so that you can collect tons of Leads!

In addition to all of that CLICK HERE to see one of my Custom Lead Capture Pages for MLSP. Join my MLSP team and I will make you a page like mine.

Easy Simple Money Maker

Easy Simple Money Maker (ESMM) has been around for a few years, but has just been revamped, and is now BETTER than EVER!

If you find yourself getting confused by all of the hype and crap floating around on the Internet, this SIMPLE Money-Maker will be a Breath of Fresh Air.

ESMM allows you to build your own list of prospects, without the need for anything complicated, such as having your own website and autoresponder. But, that's not also get TONS of FREE advertising credits for mailers and other traffic programs, as well as a Viral Downline Builder!

You can join for FREE, which will allow you access to all of the FREE Traffic and other Bonuses. Or, you can upgrade to Pro for a one-time $47, and that will give you Lifetime Membership and access to the Downline Mailer. Upgraded Members make 50% commissions and Free members make 25%.

Since you get an AWESOME Advertising Package for FREE, you having nothing to lose by joining this great program.

CLICK HERE to get on my list for more info on ESMM. Join my ESMM team and Upgrade to Pro, and I will make you a page like mine, and I will even host it for you.

The Vault / Unselfish Marketer

The Vault/Unselfish Marketer is an INCREDIBLE Membership Program - in fact, I consider it the BEST on the entire Internet. This is where the "Guru's" go to find products to sell...and there are products on every subject imaginable.

Once you join, you will have immediate access to literally THOUSANDS of PLR products to sell and to use yourself. You can sell the individual products, since most of them come with everything you need, including sales pages and lead capture pages.

PLUS you can resell the membership itself and make a very nice recurring monthly income, because once people get in here, that don't want to ever's THAT Good. 

The admin is very honest and responsive, and has operated this site for 8 years. I have been with UM for several years and have made tons of money as well as learning so much about every aspect of Internet Marketing. 

If you're looking for website templates, PLR products, traffic courses, content for your websites, video for your websites, or really anything related to making money online, UM is your ticket. This site has it all, and it's all available to you immediately upon joining.

You even get web hosting with your membership! PLUS you get access to 18 different membership sites - and you can resell them for even MORE profits!

CLICK HERE and just take a look at all you get. You will be blown away, trust me!

PLUS, you will SAVE 50% if you purchase from my link!


Programs I Don't Recommend

Also see my website: The Truth About Traffic!


You may have heard of a company called Dubli. Every Big-Time Guru is supposedly joining it, and they are ALL going to become raging MILLIONAIRES within just a few months!!!

Yeah Right...

Here's why I won't be joining Dubli. Well, for one thing, I can't stand all the Hype! But seriously, I think it will die out quite quickly because they business model is not sustainable, and they have no real product at all.

Additionally, I have done extensive research on this company, and I can't find anything about it that appeals to me or that makes me think it will be a long-term endeavor. In fact, the big wigs in Dubli are already stating that you MUST JOIN NOW because after a couple of years, it will be too late.

So, apparently they are admitting that it will be a FAST CASH GRAB opportunity, which doesn't not interest me in the least. Not that I don't like fast cash, but since the majority of large commissions are going to come from recruiting, how can you continue to bring people into a company where the writing is on the door that it won't last past a couple of years?

Well, here's a link to a well-written HONEST review that goes into a lot of detail about Dubli. If you're even considering joining, you really should read this first:

Honest Dubli Review


I don't generally recommend High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) for several reasons:

#1: They are usually pure Ponzi schemes which only pay out those who know how to play them right.

#2. They tend to be very volatile and come and go like the wind. You could make a spend and then come back the next day to see how much you've earned, and literally find the program gone.

#3. Many times these programs are owned by Admins who are dishonest and greedy and don't give a hoot about their members. Many times they remain anonymous or use a fake identity.

#4. Most of the time you don't receive anything of value for your spend, making it a total waste for you if the program goes offline before you make any money back.

All that being said, there are some High Return Passive Income Opportunities which do provide a lot of value for the money you spend. You just have to join knowing that you are taking a gamble, like going to a casino...and there's nothing wrong with that as long as you are aware of the risks.

I don't generally recommend Paid to Surf programs as a reliable source of income because they don't usually last very long. However, they can be great for getting traffic to your website. You should consider any money you make to be a nice bonus. These programs come and go like the wind just like HYIP's.

NOTE: if you DO decide to join a Paid to Surf or HYIP program, make sure to only spend what you can afford to lose, and get your seed money out as soon as possible. Also, look for those programs which offer a lot of value and those which have a lot of happy members.

I don't recommend any program which uses a Straight-line Matrix because they ALWAYS stall out eventually, leaving the late-comers high and dry.

I don't recommend any program which uses the Powerline Recruiting System because it is very deceptive. The Powerline Recruiting System works by sending email after email to you, after you join as a free member, warning you to upgrade or else you will lose out on commissions. Once you take the bait, and you upgrade to a paid member, you will find out that you didn't really have any commission payments coming to you after all!

I don't generally like 2x2 or 2x3 or any kind of traditional Cycler because you usually don't make any money until your matrix is full, meaning that YOU will have to find all 6 (or whatever) people yourself. WHY? Because nine times out of 10, your recruits won't do anything. Don't ask me why...that's just the way it is. And most of the time you will end up with a stalled cycler. Now, a cycler isn't always bad, as long as you get something for your initial purchase. But, most of the time you don't get anything of any real value until you complete a cycle, which means you've wasted your money.

Here are some of the programs which I have joined in the past or which I have reviewed, and which I don't recommend. There are MANY more, and in time I will list them as well, so make sure you bookmark this website now. In addition, please read my Gripe Blog for more info.

All Inclusive Ads, Submission Works, and Twice Confirmed Traffic. See my website The Truth About Traffic! for more info.

MyPCbackup/EZ Money System - (NOT RECOMMENDED)
In my research about the actual product, which is Online PC Storage, I found that MyPCbackup is inferior at best and terrible by most accounts. In addition, it seems that the people who were once avid promoters are now finding out that the referral program isn't all it was touted to be, and they aren't being paid what they were promised.

Wealth2Xtreme - (NOT RECOMMENDED)
My anti-virus software pops up every time I go to the website, so that's the main reason I don't recommend this program. The warning I get states that the site contains Malware. (Malware, short for malicious software, is software designed to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain unauthorized access to computer.) Also, I tend to not be too fond of programs that make promises like this... Turn a one-time $5 into $20,475.

All Inclusive Ads - (NOT RECOMMENDED)
I joined this program because it claims to get you tons of traffic to your website, all without you having to do a thing but give them the URL of the website you want to promote. I used this service for one month and received very little traffic and got NO results. If you want to read more detail about my experience with AIA, read My Gripe Blog.

Clickbank Pirate / CB Pirate - (NOT RECOMMENDED)
I joined this program because I like some of the other sites the owners have been involved with in the past, but I quickly lost my interest when I realized the main shortcoming of this program. The problem here is that you will be building a list for the owners of this program and not yourself. This is a HUGE "no no" and that's why I cannot recommend this program. Furthermore, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a refund here. I have been trying for over a month to no avail.

I did not join this program, and here's why...Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt! This program is just a Cycler on Gifting Boards, making it next to impossible for the average person to ever cycle out the top. Yes, a few will have success, but most will fail and the program will bite the dust before too long.

Success University - (NOT RECOMMENDED)The comp plan is too hard to understand and you have to balance legs. There is a startup fee of $150, and the monthly fee is $50. People drop out like flies because they can never get to the break even point.

WebProsperity - (NOT RECOMMENDED) Too much hype, not enough meat! The products are not at all impressive to me, and you will not get enough spillover to pay your monthly fees.

StealthMoneyMaker - (NOT RECOMMENDED)

UPDATE: the URL ( now leads to a program called Process at Home, run by a woman who calls herself Angel Stevens. I have done some research on this program, and I DO NOT recommend you join it.

StealthMoneyMaker is owned by a guy who calls himself Alan Humphreys, for now anyway. Another program called Income4Beginners was owned by a guy who called himself Jon Davies. Income4Beginners suddenly went offline with no warning or message from Jon Davies, and all sites started pointing to StealthMoneyMaker. Alan Humphreys denies knowing anything about Income4Beginners, but he's not telling the truth. The two programs are almost identical, right down to the Terms of Service. Alan and Jon are most likely one and the same person, and that person is less than honest at the very least.

LawnChair Millionaire - (NOT RECOMMENDED)

The only people making money here are those who can recruit tons of new members. However, according to the website you can make $2,750 per WEEK doing almost nothing at all. This is total bull.

PushButtonExtreme - - (NOT RECOMMENDED)

Sister to LawnChair Millionaire. Same BULL, New Program. I'm sure there will be new one next year! Again, the ONLY people making money here are the BIG promoters at the top. You can bet they got in line way before us peons ever heard of it. The MATH is Impossible on this, and it's just deceitful to make people think they will make any money by simply "getting in line." Not Going to Happen.

Gifting Programs - (NOT RECOMMENDED)

What's wrong with Gifting Programs? Well, for starters, they are illegal. Of course, the owners and promoters will try to tell you that they are legal, because there's no law against giving away money. That's true. It is legal to give a cash gift to someone. Duh, we all know that. However, the IRS definition of Giving a Gift is intended for giving a gift to family members, friends, or even a charity, with NO expectation of EVER receiving anything in return. It is surely not meant for Organized Cash Gifting, where people are giving a monetary gift with the SOLE expectation of receiving it back ten fold! Heck, that's not even true gifting at all! Another thing I don't like about Gifting is that you do not receive anything of value for your money. Therefore, if you never make your "gift" back (what an oxymoron), which you most likely won't, then you just wasted your money. Unfortunately, many are using Gifting as a way to avoid paying taxes on income, and this is going to cause the government to intercede at some point and shut many of these programs down.

Canadian Diamond Traders (NOT RECOMMENDED)

This program/opportunity was a huge disappointment. For starters, my sponsor was off onto another program within a week of my joining! After I found out this little piece of info, he informed me of all of the things he didn't like about CDT. Ok, I know...that's not the fault of the company. Well, maybe not, but I soon found lots of things not to like about it. Most importantly, the Comp Plan is the same as lots of the Gifting Programs out on the net. Basically, it's a Board that splits every time the bottom level fills up. Therefore, chances are that you will join, and soon after your sponsor will be onto another board, leaving you behind! As experienced as I was when I joined this program, I didn't see it coming, and nobody told me it would be coming. Not only that, but I brought in a few people BEFORE I really understood how it worked. NONE of those people have cycled, or even moved up the board for that matter, and it's been two years now! Don't join this program unless you want to recruit 32 people all by yourself!

ProWealthSolutions (NOT RECOMMENDED)

The reason I can't recommend this program is because of the Marketing System they use to recruit people. It's called the Powerline System, and it is VERY deceiving to say the least. Actually, I can't recommend any program that uses the Powerline Recruiting System and I refuse to promote any program which uses it. For more on how I feel, you can read this post on my Blog.

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*Any reference to income generation is MY experience ONLY and does not necessarily mean you will experience the same. All business opportunities do present some risk, and there are no guarantees of income. Please do your due diligence BEFORE you put any money into anything, and understand that it is possible you will lose your money. NEVER invest more than you can afford to lose.

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