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Hi, I'm Cynthia Howard.  I've put this page together to help you understand all about Web Hosting and Domain Names. There's lots more to come, so Click Here to bookmark this website now. (If you are using the Firefox browser, use Ctrl-D)

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Web Hosting is something you're eventually going to need if you're serious about your business. For instance, the website you are looking at right now is "" and that is MY own personal domain. I picked it out about 10 years ago.

The first thing you need to do is to pick a Domain Name that appeals to you and fits what you do online. Then you have to see if it's available. Many .com names are already taken, but yours may still be available. One neat idea is to simply use your own name.

So, what you need to do is go to a Domain Registration site and check the availability of the name you have chosen. You can do that at any of the hundreds of domain registrars. I have most of my domains registered here: Here is another place that many people use: . or any number of domain registrars. I have chosen these two because they are very reasonably priced. There are many others.

Once you have a domain name registered, your next step is to get a Web Hosting account. You see, your domain name needs to be hosted somewhere if you want to be able to upload websites to the web for others to see. There are literally hundreds of choices for web hosting.

I have had my site hosted with GVO for about 6 years now and I have been very happy with them. They provide phenomenal support, and their "uptime" is very high, meaning that they very rarely go offline for any length of time, which is extremely important.

GVO is also a business opportunity in itself, and for that reason, it's not the cheapest web host. It pays on multiple levels, and so once you get a few people in your downline, you can actually enjoy free web hosting. I recommend GVO if you need web hosting for multiple websites or if you need dedicated web hosting.

If you only need hosting for one domain, or if you are looking for inexpensive hosting, there is a brand new division of GVO called HostThenProfit that offers everything a marketer needs, plus hosting for up to 4 domains, all for under $10 a month. This is the hosting account I recommend for those who are just getting started. It comes with an Autoresponder account too, which you really NEED if you hope to make money online.

HostThenProfit is also a business opportunity, just like GVO. So, you can have your website hosted and then you can make money by recommending HTP to others.

Once you have your own domain and hosting, you are going to want to build yourself a website! Here is a wonderful FREE website builder:


An  Autoresponder is an ESSENTIAL marketing tool. It allows you to capture the names and email addresses of people who are interested in your offers. This lets you follow up with those prospects over and over again on Auto-Pilot.

There are many Autoresponders on the net, some paid and some free. I don't care for the free ones because they usually include another member's ad at the top of every outgoing email...and that's not good for you!

Aweber is the Autoresponder that I use. If you are looking for the Rolls Royce of Autoresponders, this is it. Highest Email Deliverability, Unlimited Campaigns, Superior Customer Support, Easy to set up. Make sure YOUR followup messages get delivered by using the very best.


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