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Updated on September 24, 2021

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Hi, I'm Cynthia Howard and I'm going to show you How to Get Paid INSTANTLY, DAILY and WEEKLY.

No building a downline in some MLM or waiting to cycle in some Matrix program.

Below are some great FAST PAY and INSTANT PAY programs that earn me money EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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EASY eCash - on eBay!

"How to Easily Make $1,245 Per Month In Your Spare Time With No Website, No List, No Social Media, No Paid Advertising, No Local Marketing, No Amazon, And No Product Creation..."

Get Paid Within 24 Hours!

The Safelist that will let you reach 85,000+ Members! Not only do you get MEGA TRAFFIC to your website, but if you are a Gold Member, you can earn 50% Commissions - Paid Within 24 Hours!

The Admin here is HONEST and pays ON TIME Every Time!

IMPORTANT: you can join for FREE - and you'll get a $5 BONUS, but you will want to Upgrade to the GOLD Level, so you can earn up to 50% Commissions on Every Sale, including Monthly RECURRING Sales.

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Top Surfer
Get INSTANT PAY - $10, $28, $55 and $109
 to Any Payment Platform You Like!
PLUS Instant Traffic for Your Websites!

Now Accepts Bitcoin!
And it's a GREAT Way to Earn Bitcoin Too!


You can join Top Surfer for FREE and get traffic to your site by surfing other member websites. But, for just $10 you can Upgrade to a Wholesale Membership that gets you 5,000 visits to your website!

Not only do you get Traffic to YOUR Website, but you also get Web Hosting, a great assortment of software, scripts, traffic ebooks, etc., PLUS you will earn from $10 up to $109 for every membership you sell.

You can choose how you wish to be paid...PayPal, Bitcoin, BitPay, STP, Money Order, or any other way you choose!

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The Conversion Pros
Get WEEKLY Pay - Start for FREE Today!

The Conversion Pros (TCP) is an AMAZING Marketing System that can help you promote any business you're in as well as making you a full-time income all by itself!

Get WEEKLY Pay Right to Your PayPal or Bank Account!

Check out these sites I use to promote The Conversion Pros during this time of year.

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PLUS...if you don't like to promote, you can simply BUY Leads from your Member's Area at Wholesale Prices!

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Software Silver Club
Make $9.95 Instant PayPal Cash!

Software Silver Club is a very Simple Instant Pay program. You just make a one-time payment of $9.95 for some awesome software products.

Believe it or not, you will get a Brand New Software Product EVERY MONTH - even though it's only a one-time payment of $9.95!

These are great software products that you can really use, and you can then join their free reseller program and make $9.95 INSTANT PayPal CASH over and over again!

The Lead Magnet


The Lead Magnet is an Opt-in Mailing List with over 17,000 Members. Not only do you get to send your ads to this VERY Responsive List, you can also earn INSTANT Commissions here, even as a Free Member.

Ranked #1 Mailing List on Traffic Hoopla Every Month!

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Cash In On Banners!


CashInOnBanners is a great way to get traffic to your website!

It's Free to join, but if you take the upgrade, you can earn Instant PayPal Commissions of $10 over and over again!

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Truckload of Ads

TruckloadOfAds is a great way to get Truckloads of Traffic to your website by using Exclusive Promo Codes for Safelists, Traffic Exchanges and other Traffic Sites!

You can earn FAST Commissions of $5 and $10 over and over again, paid to your Payza account upon request!


Viral Taco Traffic

"Spicy Traffic...Hot Commissions...Serve Yourself Now!"


Viral Taco Traffic is an ad exchange that will get you FAST Traffic to your website PLUS you can earn FAST Commissions just for giving away FREE Advertising! You can even earn Commissions as a FREE Member!

CLICK HERE to Join for FREE right now and I will give you $200 worth of Advertising for FREE! - PLUS Up To 50,000 Additional Ad Credits!

Viral Commissions


Viral Commissions is an ad exchange that will get you FAST Traffic to your website PLUS you can earn FAST Commissions just for giving away FREE Advertising! You can even earn Commissions as a FREE Member!

CLICK HERE to Join for FREE right now and get your $200 worth of Advertising for FREE! - PLUS Up To 50,000 Additional Ad Credits!

Easy Traffic Boost

Easy Traffic Boost is no longer a member to member Instant Pay Program, but they pay FAST! It's also a FAST way to get Traffic to your website PLUS earn FAST Commissions of $5, $11, $27 and $97 just for giving away FREE Advertising! You even get to earn Commissions as a FREE Member!

CLICK HERE to Join for FREE right now and get your $200 worth of Advertising for FREE!

Make Instant Affiliate Commission with These

JVZoo   WarriorPlus

These are Instant Commissions Networks that let you Sell Digital Products Online and Get Paid Instantly.

Signup is FREE, and there is NO COST for you to start earning commissions immediately! Just sign up, look for a suitable product, get your affiliate link and then promote that product.

NOTE: In most cases, you will need to request permission from the Vendor of the product to become an approved affiliate. If you have never made a sale before, they may delay your payment for up to 30 days to avoid any chargeback issues. But some vendors will pay you instantly even if you are a newbie!

eBay and Etsy

Everyone has heard of eBay...the Premier Auction Site online!

If you have an established PayPal account, you can list something on eBay today and get paid INSTANTLY today!

Etsy is similar to eBay, but focuses on vintage and handmade items.

CLICK HERE for a great course (in fact, the BEST course) about how to make money on Etsy!

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*Any reference to income generation is MY experience ONLY and does not necessarily mean you will experience the same. All business opportunities do present some risk, and there are no guarantees of income. Please do your due diligence BEFORE you put any money into anything, and understand that it is possible you will lose your money. NEVER invest more than you can afford to lose. Also, realize that I may receive a commission from various affiliate links on my website.

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